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Leading CPA Firm in Canada

Our CPA Firm stands out as a premier choice for comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping needs. With a team of skilled professionals, including CPAs and chartered professional accountants, we offer top-tier bookkeeping services and financial statement preparation (Compilation Engagement) tailored to meet diverse needs. As a leading business consulting CPA firm, we specialize in guiding businesses through complex financial and tax planning, providing expert business consulting services and strategic tax advice.

Whether it’s managing corporate tax filing, personal tax filing, or navigating CRA Business Audit or CRA Tax Audit, our seasoned corporate tax accountants (CPA) ensure detailed attention to detail and compliance. For small businesses, our dedicated small business accountants offer personalized support, acting as tax advisors and providing adept small business bookkeeping services.

With our expertise in income tax audit and non-resident tax filing, coupled with streamlined online tax filing services, we deliver efficient solutions. Choose us for the assurance of working with the best tax accountants (CPA), offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to varied financial and tax needs. Our CPA Firm offers comprehensive expertise beyond accounting, with skilled CPA consultants providing strategic insights for informed decisions. From CRA Tax Audit to income tax audits, our experienced CPA accountants ensure compliance. Tailored services by personal tax accountants safeguard individual finances, while meticulous financial statement preparation supports accurate corporate tax return filing. Our business tax accountants specialize in seamless corporate tax filing, offering holistic solutions beyond numbers. Choose our CPA Firm for expert guidance, ensuring precision in every financial and tax step. 

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We are also voted as one of the Six Best Tax Consulting Firm in Calgary!

More Than 15 Years in Business. Hundred of Happy Clients

Mark Gill
Mark Gill
Intelligent, polite, knowledgeable, proficient, and friendly, what more could one need in an accounting professional.
Sada Hussain
Sada Hussain
I changed my business accountant to SAR Professional Corporation due to the lack of communication I was getting from my previous firm. I am very pleased with the services Ali and his team are delivering. Very quick in communication and they helped me uncover over $9,000 in tax savings from the business that was missed previously. Highly Recommend SAR & Team.
Fernando Jauregui
Fernando Jauregui
I've changed accountant multiple times and finally I landed with someone who knows what to do, if you're looking for professionalism and great service don't look any further , since I stated to work with Ali, things have run smooth , best choice for accounting in Calgary!
Ehsan ali
Ehsan ali
I am very happy with the quality of services I received from SAR Professional Corp. Mr. Ali Qaiser explained very well the tax consequences of becoming a resident of Canada for myself and new business in Canada as a UK citizen. I highly recommend SAR Professional Corp and their team for any tax services.
Hash Vara
Hash Vara
I had contacted Ali because my wife was having issues with CRA and a large amount of money CRA claimed we owed for 2014. We did a conf call with Ali who was very empathetic with our situation and very calmly explained everything. As we started the filing, he kept us in the loop as to what was going on. By time the filing was done and CRA reassessed, we went from owing thousands to couple of hundred of dollars. Prior to Ali we had engaged other accountants and they were not able to resolve. Ali also resolved my 2014 taxes and ended up getting me a huge credit. He is now taking care of our current taxes. Ali is absolutely the best. His fees are reasonable but most importantly he is very thorough and professional. We would highly recommend SAR.
Shai Govani
Shai Govani
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Qaiser for a while. He has helped me with all my taxes and is always professional and helpful. I would highly recommend SAR! Great service and excellent communication!
I'm so happy to deal with Ali at SAR. He has helped me so much when it comes to my taxes. Tax season always gives me a ton of anxiety but dealing with him has been a breeze. Saved me lots of money and I can do everything through email which I really appreciate. A+
Jimmy/sherry Foster (jstt)
Jimmy/sherry Foster (jstt)
Qaiser is my guy going forward. Highly recommended, kind person and knows his stuff. Was behind quite a few years and he calmly calmed me down with facts after I explained my situation. Went above and beyond normal job expectations.
matt l
matt l
For years I've been meaning to fix my taxes and these people helped me within a couple no fuss no complications. Therefore I am very happy with the service.

"For over 15 years, our firm has empowered countless clients in gaining financial stability, streamlining taxes, restructuring businesses, and enhancing operational efficiency. We take pride in contributing to numerous successful journeys alongside our clients."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent question asked by our customers.

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Our focus lies in assisting incorporated small business ownersand sole proprietorships, offering specialized bookkeeping and accounting services tailored for consultants, contractors, and business entrepreneurs. Our commitment extends to providing prompt responses to all your inquiries, regardless of their scale, and identifying potential tax advantages you might be overlooking.

A bookkeeper plays a crucial role alongside an accountant, focusing on day-to-day financial transactions and ensuring accurate recording and organization of these records. While an accountant analyzes data for tax preparation, financial reporting, and strategic planning, a bookkeeper maintains the consistency and accuracy of the financial records. They streamline processes, maintain detailed records, and offer real-time insights into the business's financial health. Collaborating with both an accountant and a bookkeeper ensures a comprehensive financial management approach, with each contributing specialized expertise to support the business's success. 

Bookkeeping encompasses essential records, like outstanding customer payments, vendor dues, and potential expense reductions. Accurate, updated bookkeeping empowers businesses with better financial tools, enhancing their profitability compared to those without it. Moreover, precise bookkeeping safeguards valuable deductions, facilitates lending or refinancing endeavors, and streamlines tax preparation. 

CPAs bring foundational business expertise crucial for tasks like entity formation, accurate tax filings, strategic tax planning, and maintaining organized books and records. Their role is indispensable in ensuring the sound financial management of any business. 

Absolutely! Our Tax Strategy Consultations are highly sought after by both new and experienced investors aiming to address any gaps in their strategies. 

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